Parrot Color Fish - created by darkshellie23

Parrot Color Fish
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I was away for a long time, those who know of me or remember me. I wanted to create something fun, and playful while still holding on to the parrots\' color. Hope u enjoy it
Working on SBS..coming soon. (5 years and 1507 days ago)

Known as Daisy - created by darkshellie23

Known as Daisy
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After hours of playing around with the daisy I came up with this design.

Only source from original image used. (5 years and 2726 days ago)

Stained Glass Peacock - created by darkshellie23

Stained Glass Peacock
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Everything was done in photoshop.

Endless time spent --- wish I had a lot more time to make it better (5 years and 2773 days ago)

You Smart Ass.. - created by darkshellie23

You Smart Ass..
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thanks to
nightgraue for Old Book 2
~AMP-Stock for Objects - Eye Glasses 01
~FreakingDonkeyRolling don key 10 (5 years and 2890 days ago)

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