Katie - created by MossyB

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SBS is animated (5 years and 718 days ago)

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Hair Plugs, Wills! - created by MossyB

Hair Plugs, Wills!
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Before it's too late!

Cut and paste with Hue and Saturation color adjustment and some cloning. (5 years and 726 days ago)

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Manuka Mosaic - created by MossyB

Manuka Mosaic
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An experiment with Painter's Mosaic function. (5 years and 748 days ago)

Sandy Slopes - created by MossyB

Sandy Slopes
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Adjusted sand color with a blue color filter, and used Surface Blur to smooth some of the rough texture. Then trimmed the image to fit the ski slope image and changed the layer mode to darken. (5 years and 985 days ago)

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