Serene - created by dem90

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Taken at Cunningham Falls (5 years and 1147 days ago)

Troubles of a Traveler - created by dem90

Troubles of a Traveler
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(5 years and 1508 days ago)

Warped - created by dem90

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One of the buildings at MIT. This is one of Frank Gehry's works. As everyone knows, his buildings are anything but normal (5 years and 1602 days ago)

Just Sad - created by dem90

Just Sad
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This is what I do when I'm bored, I rub dirt on people's face and take photos, always fun to see the reaction of people watching. (5 years and 1728 days ago)

Fetch - created by dem90

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Around the same time every day, Mowgli plays fetch in the fountain with her owner. She loves having photos taken, and she loves it even more when you throw the ball for her! (5 years and 1736 days ago)

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