Sun Set Splash - created by Robart523

Sun Set Splash
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I decided to put this guy somewhere more dynamic and colorful! Hope you like it :) (5 years and 1801 days ago)

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Birth of a Solar System - created by Robart523

Birth of a Solar System
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I took a picture of a girl in a white jump suit type thing and went crazy with stars and space and such, this is what happened :) (5 years and 1802 days ago)

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Alice Returns - created by Robart523

Alice Returns
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I found a great source image and just went from there...I do wish she had a head haha but oh well I think the composition worked out in the end. The card source images are in the SBS and I didn't end up using the rabbit in the final picture so I wasn't sure if I needed the link but I gave it just in case :) (5 years and 1889 days ago)

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Light Steed - created by Robart523

Light Steed
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I decided to really run with the "inspiration" part of this contest and make a heavily Tron inspired picture but not something seen in the movie. I ended up using a horse! (5 years and 1906 days ago)

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Creature of the Sea - created by Robart523

Creature of the Sea
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This is some sort of dinosaur shark...thing...I hope you like it! Its late so I'm just going to upload my step by step without explanation for now. Hopefully I'll have time later in the week to describe the steps. (5 years and 1914 days ago)

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