coming to life - created by philister

coming to life
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Tried something new...wanted to make it look like the mascot was coming to life out of photoshop. (5 years and 2665 days ago)

Melting Lizard - created by philister

Melting Lizard
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Hey everyone!! This image is from when the contest was run the first time. I no longer have the step guide, although I just basically drew in the melted parts and then cloned the lizard skin over the drawn parts. For final touches I used dodge and burn to give the melted parts some dimension. I will try and recreate the sbs. Hope you like it!

Please check out the High Res!! (5 years and 2685 days ago)

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Remote - created by philister

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Okay...I spent a LOT of time trying to create this using photos and when I realized it was a hopeless I tried to clean up the sketch and enter it so that all my time wasn't wasted.

(1) Stomp down on board to launch rock into the air. (2) Rock lands on balance causing one side to drop and the other side to move up. (3) When balance moves up so does the finger, switching on the fan. (4) Fan turns on and blows sheet out of the way revealing the carrot to the rabbit. (5) As rabbit tries to walk toward carrot, conveyor belt moves candle under string. (6) when string gets burnt it causes the swing arm to fall and pop the fish bag. (7) fish falls into fish bowl. (8) cat sees fish and tries to get it. (9) As the cat moves forward toward the fish bowl the skate rolls and the finger presses on the on button. (5 years and 2680 days ago)

Pear Cottage - created by philister

Pear Cottage
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This one was quite fun to make...hope you all enjoy it!! (5 years and 2673 days ago)

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Violin Solo - created by philister

Violin Solo
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Please look at the step-by-step before voting. There was a lot of reconstruction work on the hand and suit where the violin used to be. Also sorry that it's not very high res. I saw this picture and thought it was perfect, but this is the highest resolution they had! (5 years and 2677 days ago)

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