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Design a 'comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation.' (see for more information)
Basically, the goal of this contest is: create a very complicated machine to perform a very simple task. The more complex your machine, the better!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: philister

philister: Hey guys...philister here, please please check out before making your entry. It's really important to get the essence of what a Rube Goldberg machine is ( 5 years and 3040 days ago )
Draskinn: Something I’ve been wondering a while. Can contest entrees be gif animations? This subject just screams movement to me. ( 5 years and 3039 days ago )
LKY: then I mst play yhe game crazy machines 2 for this contest..... ( 5 years and 3039 days ago )
GolemAura: Draskinn..nothing stops you from putting a link in your entry to an animation of your picture to a non profit site.. At least I don't think so.. check with the mods and see if it's okay.. good luck ( 5 years and 3039 days ago )
chacem: Just wanna ask.. is this supposed to be a cartoony illustration or can we use any image for this? ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
OliviasArts: i might have to go to the pub first before attempting this contest lol ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
boemeles: Can it be completely drawn in photoshop? or do we need to use photo's? ( 5 years and 3038 days ago )
mymy: It can be drawn in photoshop, no problem ( 5 years and 3036 days ago )
zatrix: Drasskin - when I saw the contest (too late oops) - first thing that sprang to mind was - it has to be alive )))) ( 5 years and 3032 days ago )
OliviasArts: Can I just say... you are damn talented people to enter this contest i have no idea where to even start, and i am a hopless drawer, especially on photoshop, but still trying lol goodluck to all of you ( 5 years and 3031 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
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Remote - created by philister

Favs: 4SBS: 4Hi-resRank: 1/11Score: 61.3% (35)63546 views

Okay...I spent a LOT of time trying to create this using photos and when I realized it was a hopeless I tried to clean up the sketch and enter it so that all my time wasn't wasted.

(1) Stomp down on board to launch rock into the air. (2) Rock lands on balance causing one side to drop and the other side to move up. (3) When balance moves up so does the finger, switching on the fan. (4) Fan turns on and blows sheet out of the way revealing the carrot to the rabbit. (5) As rabbit tries to walk toward carrot, conveyor belt moves candle under string. (6) when string gets burnt it causes the swing arm to fall and pop the fish bag. (7) fish falls into fish bowl. (8) cat sees fish and tries to get it. (9) As the cat moves forward toward the fish bowl the skate rolls and the finger presses on the on button. (5 years and 3032 days ago)

A tiresome night - created by hsbee

A tiresome night
Favs: 2SBS: 1Hi-resRank: 2/11Score: 61% (30)53495 views

People get really lazy after a long day of tiresome work. So when they go to bed, they forget to switch off the light. Here is solution for these people(marked with black arrows and numbers)..This comes with an added advantage of automatic switching off of your alarm clock (marked with red arrows and numbers)..

You climb onto your bed (1) which is hanging by means of a string. This causes the bed to come down to the floor(2) while the 100.01 kg concerte block rises (3). This causes green ball to roll down(4a) as well as the lever to go down (4b). The green ball falls on the floor(5) and the cat jumps off the basket to play with the ball(6), causing the basket to swing (7) and hit the billaird stick. The stick hits the cue ball(8) and the ball goes along the dotted line (9) and hits the red ball which moves and falls into the hole(10). The red ball bounces on the floor(11) and falls on a spring (12). It moves along 12 and falls on spring 13, bounces off it (14) and hits the glowing bulb(15) thus breaking it, and bringing the room to darkness.. Mission Accomplished..

In the morning, the alarm rings and wakes you up. You get off the bed(16) thus causing the bed to rise up (17), the concrete mass falls down(18). This sudden impact causes the lever to rise up(19) which causes the blue ball to fly along the trajectory (20) and smash into the alarm clock (21) breaking it.. Now u dont have to manually switch it off..

Troubleshooting: In case your cat decides to leave your house some day, do not replace the broken bulb from the previous night..

End of a long manual... :D (5 years and 3036 days ago)

remote control - created by falkor

remote control
Favs: 0SBS: 5Hi-resRank: 3/11Score: 60.9% (25)62218 views

source images are used as reference only.
Yes, these televisions are still out there. We have one in my work canteen. (5 years and 3032 days ago)

2 Sources:

RubeIn3D - created by Ory

Favs: 1SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 4/11Score: 56.6% (20)49940 views

Made in Cinema4D and photoshop, I hope you like it, I plan on making another one which will have more parts to it, but this one seemed to finish itself off nicely where it was :-)
Please make sure to check out the HighRes and Comment :-)
Everything was made by me, from scratch so I have no sources to show and will make a SBS if it is highly demanded.
Yep I had to make a SBS so its their now, be sure to take a look :-)

So here is how it works,
Cut the string holding the baseball, it falls and throws the spikes off the see-saw which fly through the balloon popping it, then the golfball drops, rolls down and lands in the glass :-) (5 years and 3038 days ago)

Doorbell... - created by boemeles

Favs: 0SBS: 4Hi-resRank: 5/11Score: 55.1% (15)48703 views

what to do when you ran out of electricity :)

I tried to, and drew it all by myself! This atleast fits commically and rube goldberg so i think it's okay :)

How to build:

you need:
- Pulleys
- Stakes
- Lazy Dog
- Dog House
- Bowling ball
- Small ball
- Piece of plumbing thing
- Garden door

How it operates:

Someone decides to open the door and look in the house itself to check out if there is someone. He pushes against the door (1), and thus pushing against the wire. Using an ingenenius pulley system a lever is pulled and a ball rolls done the piece of plumbing. At the end the ball takes the ramp, hitting the axe. The axe falls over on top of the second wire. It snaps and the bowlingball is thus free to fall. The Bowling lands on (through) the dog house. Either the dog or the dog house will make some noice and you will know there is someone at the gate :)

We are not responsible for:
- Broken dog house
- Broken dogs
- Tripping over wires

If your dog doesn;t respond after being hit by the bowling ball please go see a doctor, he might be hurt.

(5 years and 3034 days ago)