Creepy Santa - created by decay33

Creepy Santa
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Still learning I have been doing photoshop for a few months so I am trying to be creative with what skills I have.. I know there is a lot I can do with lighting and realism... but first I need to think of things on my own. (5 years and 2715 days ago)

Leaning tower of PITA - created by decay33

Leaning tower of PITA
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I know its not pita but its bread and its close to Pisa (5 years and 2715 days ago)

Asian Beauty - created by decay33

Asian Beauty
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My wife touched up (5 years and 2716 days ago)

Paper Boat - created by decay33

Paper Boat
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I just wanted to add some shadow to each level.. and just make it look constuction paper(y) (5 years and 2723 days ago)

Super Saiyan - created by decay33

Super Saiyan
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Yes I do watch DBZ sometimes. Before you vote.. if you don't know what a Super Saiyan is then please google images it.

little update to the Super Saiyan Aura (5 years and 2716 days ago)

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