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In this contest, your goal is to present (through a split frame) a 'Before' (original photo) and 'After' (edited photo) image of a girl.. It's supposed to show the transformation of a girl's ordinary look to that of an improved one.
So get out your best retouching skills and show us what you can do! This contest is limited to a girls face! You can pick any face you want, but showing a 'before' and 'after' shot is mandatory. You can either post it as a split image or you can post the before shot in your step by step guide. Good luck!

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!
Suggested by: chacem

Lodd: This means no boobs, butts etc? ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
elficho: i was wondering the same^^ so this is retouching ONLY or we can use other sources to replace her mouth, hair etc.? ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
GolemAura: LODD!!!.. goober ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
GolemAura: elficho.. it says LIMITED TO FACE ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
Nator: This is too easy. ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
MarissaFester: whats going onm? ( 5 years and 2354 days ago )
jamaki: nice work ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
LKY: nice work ?? ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
sunmoon: rockzsssssssss .. ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
RGB: I agreed with lodd on this one =)) ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
GolemAura: eeeeekkkk there's 37 entries and the contest isn't even a day old.. OH THE HUMANITY!!!! (Kind of exciting as well, hehehe) ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
Jerinelle: SOme folks are reeeeeeeeeally taking liberties with this one. I don't suppose anyone will do anything about it, though. ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
8DX: "This contest is limited to a girls face!" quote the CONTEST GOAL ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
CMYK46: Not many SBSs do we know what was done? And I thought if you used your own pic, a SBS was mandatory! ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
annabat: Just want to remind people that photo touch ups are best when the after still looks like the same person. Even if the change is dramatic, it's most effective if it's more subtle. ( 5 years and 2353 days ago )
prairiekittin: Please put an age limit up. Apparently my "girl" was too old. ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
mymy: All entries not showing only the face, not having a link to original source, not providing a step by step will be removed without warning. Please make sure you comply. ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
mymy: Also if the image is yours please state so. ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
GolemAura: Yipe .. the Guillotine cometh... kinda expected that LOL ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
Jerinelle: Congrats to the moderator and admins of this site...Finally some integrity about a contest's requirements. The internet is famous for porn need for folks to try to make this site one of them. ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
decay33: stop removing my stuff it had the original in it... wow... just back off a bit ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
Siminho90: 40 entries in 2 days xD yeee and in 7 days will be 280? I like a competitors hehe...I think I do one image here ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
xtro: Jerinelle, if that's your idea of porn then... ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
Siminho90: oh okay ppl.. 140 my mistake xD ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
Paulus62: Looks to me like some people are just running an image throught software like Portrait Professional, could that be why there are not so many SBS's? ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
chacem: goodness! i had no idea this suggestion would be approved lol.. i was just playing around with the idea. nwy, i couldn't remember limiting it to a girl's face but if that's what they want, then I respect. Looks easy to some, but I think creating the most significant change without making it look artificial is the challenge of an effective retouch. ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
mymy: SBS is MANDATORY in this contest even if outside sources where used, so please post them! ( 5 years and 2352 days ago )
prairiekittin: I am not a professional. I am doing this for fun. When it no longer becomes fun, it's time to step back. I removed my entries from that particular contest because it seemed to me they were more interested in ogling pretty girls than in the quality of the retouching. The "girl" I chose was a beautiful (to me) elder and I used the Dragan effect on the picture. I got slammed because she wasn't a young pretty girl. I choose not to participate in a contest where quality is not important, only how young and pretty the girls are. ( 5 years and 2351 days ago )
Christy: The number of entries ALREADY in this contest makes it exhausting to vote!! ( 5 years and 2350 days ago )
nishagandhi: Is retouching so easy???? I mean i have never tried anytime??? sooooo many entries already!!!!!! ( 5 years and 2349 days ago )
GolemAura:'s not easy AT ALL, but it is usually the first thing peeps learn or want to do when they get photoshop, everyone has an old photo they want to save.. and also the fact everyone loves to make them self or a loved one look pretty LOL ( 5 years and 2349 days ago )
nishagandhi: golem i thought it must be very easy ( 5 years and 2348 days ago )
GolemAura: Oh it's easy for the chopper, but the client is usually NEVER happy LOL.. that's why it's hard LOL ( 5 years and 2348 days ago )
ponti55: It's a simple enough task.. shame lots of people overdo it. ( 5 years and 2347 days ago )
TimeBreaker: congratulations to the winners, next time i'll better work with high resolution images, that surely would've helped to get a better ranking ( 5 years and 2344 days ago )
TheRealPhotoshopGirl: We cant post anymore? Darn. I just finished a photo. ( 5 years and 2344 days ago )

Howdie stranger!
If you want to participate in this contest, just:


The power of photoshop - created by loopyluv

The power of photoshop
Favs: 5SBS: 8Hi-resRank: 1/79Score: 62.8% (35)19625 views

Please view STEP BY STEP before voting, to view complete process... Thanks (5 years and 2349 days ago)

1 Source:

Hooded - created by jaskier

Favs: 9SBS: 1Hi-resRank: 2/79Score: 62.6% (30)15498 views

(5 years and 2351 days ago)

2 Sources:

Fiery - created by elemare

Favs: 2SBS: 6Hi-resRank: 3/79Score: 57.9% (25)14658 views

This personal photo is the early work of a photographer friend of mine (authorization to use is in SBS). I acknowledge that the original is somewhat grainy - this is not a reflection on the photographer, but my using a lower resolution online version of his great capture! (5 years and 2347 days ago)

1 Source:

beauty pageant_4a463f74304d7 - created by cain726950

beauty pageant_4a463f74304d7
Favs: 0SBS: 3Hi-resRank: 4/79Score: 57.1% (20)15349 views

(5 years and 2352 days ago)

How old is she NOW ? - created by MrLUNA

How old is she NOW ?
Favs: 0SBS: 2Hi-resRank: 5/79Score: 57% (15)23601 views

She's Alexis, a very good friend of mine...

I did a lot of Spot, patch and healing brush... also color correcting and addedsome sparkle to her eyes... ( 3 to 4 hrs ) But, She was happy ! So, it was worth it...

(5 years and 2353 days ago)