Lemonade, or orange? - created by atajan

Lemonade, or orange?
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Sources Combined. A thinking dog ;)

source 1 by chrisg221
source 2 by nazreth
source 3 by markyjay (5 years and 2121 days ago)

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Pheonix or Dove? - created by atajan

Pheonix or Dove?
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A Birdy On Fire!!! (5 years and 2113 days ago)

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Punch - created by atajan

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Never Punch A Woman!!!

credit to "robby_m" for water (5 years and 2115 days ago)

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Priceless Miracle (updated) - created by atajan

Priceless Miracle (updated)
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Can you find this on the bottom of the ocean? I don't think so :)

credit to source 1 by "manolo" (5 years and 2113 days ago)

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Remember our spot of love? - created by atajan

Remember our spot of love?
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Ghost came back to their favorite spot.

credit to source 1
credit to source 2
"Cholin" (5 years and 2116 days ago)

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