Pride - created by artgirl1935

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Thanks to badastonomer at for the use of his photo for the star layer. Everything else is from the rope source. (5 years and 1717 days ago)

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View from the Arbor - created by artgirl1935

View from the Arbor
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Only the source was used to create arbor, flowers ducks, lighthouse, sky and water. Please check out SBS. (5 years and 1298 days ago)

Fluttering in the Flowers - created by artgirl1935

Fluttering in the Flowers
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No outside sources used. (5 years and 1290 days ago)

Just for the Birds - created by artgirl1935

Just for the Birds
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Thanks to NASA's Marshall Space Center at for the sky background; to sleight82 at for the pinetree source; Birds and fruit are all drawn with brush tools. Please see SBS (5 years and 1786 days ago)

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Gumdrops and Blossoms - created by artgirl1935

Gumdrops and Blossoms
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All of entry is done using the source photo. Please see SBS (5 years and 1317 days ago)

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