innocence - created by ankitsuhaill

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check the sbs for details...

thanks to
villa-arts laflaneuse ~cattycass ~archistock ~SBG-CrewStock and special thanks to ~Tigerygurl for the inspiration...

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fantasy - created by ankitsuhaill

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hello guys...

i have worked really hard on this one....

i saw some of guys making stuff with smudging tool... and it looked great... i eagerly wanted to try something... so i build this...

see the sbs for details

and please guys do comment on this... please comment weather negative or positive.. but do it.. it motivates...

thanks pxl eyes for making me better... and
my special thanks to
and some of others.. i cant remember there name at this time.... they inspired me the most and motivated me... thanks guys

and thanks
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hanging - created by ankitsuhaill

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just used the source and a background for this entry...

i gave more stress on shading...

thanks to thiselectricheart for the stock and pixelnase for the inspiration

and special thanks to pxleyes members

thanks guys (5 years and 1598 days ago)

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Alive... - created by ankitsuhaill

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Only ps and one stock used..
thanks for the stock.

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coucher du soleil (SUNSET) - created by ankitsuhaill

coucher du soleil (SUNSET)
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My first entry in pxleyes contest...

just used some highlight and color mixing to achieve the effect...

note: the source image 3(The river) is owned by robertovm from and the owner of this file is informed. (5 years and 1641 days ago)

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