Bass Blasted - created by Zmanphoto

Bass Blasted
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Cut out "Pixels" with the cut tool on the fruit.
Messed with filters and liquify tool on the stereo (with some hue/sat)
Add the splat brushed to the fruit.
Hope you like it :) (5 years and 1042 days ago)

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Fallen Angel - created by Zmanphoto

Fallen Angel
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1) I cut out the girl with masking.
2) Used brush and Overlay to color hair and dress red.
3)Added fire.
4) shaded to accurately compliment the fire. (5 years and 1048 days ago)

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Kids Dream - created by Zmanphoto

Kids Dream
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Messed with opacity, lighting, ect.
Hope you enjoy. (5 years and 1048 days ago)

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Jedi - created by Zmanphoto

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Had a lot of fun with this. Combined the two images in a way that looks semi believable. The rest was coloring in the shadows, Light saber and the lighting effects. Also added some adjustment layers.
Jedi outline (3 years and 310 days ago)

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Steel Flower - created by Zmanphoto

Steel Flower
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Very Colorful, Vibrant rendition of the flower. Hope you enjoy :) (5 years and 1049 days ago)

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