OLDTOWN - created by Stoli4naq

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Had to be done...

Credit for Hollywood sign goes to Eugene Wei http://www.flickr.com/photos/eugene/69416375/

No point for a SBS here, but here's how it's done.

1) sit back, relax with a nice cup of whatever to drink;
2) find a suitable stock image which you can use (check license);
3) go to source image, make a copy (will explain in a bit why, just do it);
4) flip your original image horizontally to increase the resemblance with the Hollywood place. Now you see why you needed the copy? - the sings are also flipped, so go get'em signs from the unflipped image and drag to the working file;
5) adjust the letters in Hollywood sign - desaturate, adjust levels and read it a goodnight story
6) moment of silence to Hollywood sign before we proceed. R.I.P sign
7) cut the sign into pieces aka letters (make H into N using crop and rotate) and make the word Oldtown
8) clear the background etc, make it pretty
9) adjust positions of the letters according to the terrain as much as possible
10) make sure all your shadows are in (the right) place
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Unearthly - created by Stoli4naq

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Only source used.
My apologies to all who hate fairies :) I promise not to make any more hehe
This is my old entry. Unfortunately I didn't save the SBS, so will need to make another one - which I will as soon as can! :)
Once again, sorry for the fairies lol (5 years and 3062 days ago)

Woooow - created by Stoli4naq

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I'm dancing with Merylin and .. woohoooo (5 years and 3046 days ago)

Grand Migration - created by Stoli4naq

Grand Migration
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No external sources used.
Chopped out the "jelly fish" from the source, the rest is PS.
How the underwater scene is made? - loads of tutorials on this online. The ship wreck is pen tool (see sbs) plus filters, mostly Wind and Gausian Blur. The rest - see sbs :)

EDIT: To all of you lucky ones who know russian (hehe), here are the two tutorials used for the underwater scene:
the water http://zerolayer.ru/2007/04/25/pod_vodojj.html
the rocks http://zerolayer.ru/2007/05/01/sozdaem_realistichnye_skaly_k_scene_pod_vodojj.html (5 years and 3056 days ago)

Garlian Angel - created by Stoli4naq

Garlian Angel
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All veggies have guardian angels too!

This is actually one of my oldies, slightly altered to meet the requirements set in the rules.

Here's how it's done:
- the head and the tail are from the source image.
- the clouds are made with "Clouds" filter, plus smudge tool to make them nice and candy hehe
- dress and the facial features are made with brush and pen tools
- stars are standard ps brushes, plus a Lens Flare

And here we have ourselves an angel! (5 years and 3065 days ago)

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