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Woooow - created by Stoli4naq

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I'm dancing with Merylin and .. woohoooo (5 years and 3103 days ago)

avatar GolemAura
GolemAura says:


avatar sosipatra
sosipatra says:

hahahahhahaahahhah this is really funny good ideea

avatar akasha
akasha says:

so funny I had a good laugh!

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

yeah still one of my favorites

avatar Tuckinator

awesome image

author says:

Thnx guys, I kinda like it myself too lol

avatar elficho
elficho says:

very nice!

avatar cabldawg71

WOOT!! you done well Author. great idea, nice work

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

I hope she doesn't puke! But if she did, this would be a certain winner!

avatar BlueSparkle

I didn't know Bush was that Very funny! Great job. I agree with RickLaMesa though. Great job and good luck.

avatar vinshine
vinshine says:

lolz... cool, one., nice expression., good Luck

author says:

Thnx Rick!! Does look better now

no avatar

Good job.

avatar LKY
LKY says:

....OMG....this is sooooooo funny.....I jst can't stop laughing.........

avatar OliviasArts

just no surprise in this picture lol.... if it could have happened, it would have! probably on his birthday lol

avatar sparklen
sparklen says:

OMG...........she's back for more!!! Good job!

avatar RickLaMesa

you should clone over those bright spots in his cheeks

author says:

Thanks Rick! To be honest I did clone'em cheeks, but then he stopped looking as cheesy, which kinda was one of the cool parts in this image.. so I left him with the "fatty" cheeks lol

avatar ponti55
ponti55 says:

Oh good lord... GREAT image! Can't wait to see the results!!

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