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OLDTOWN - created by Stoli4naq

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Had to be done...

Credit for Hollywood sign goes to Eugene Wei

No point for a SBS here, but here's how it's done.

1) sit back, relax with a nice cup of whatever to drink;
2) find a suitable stock image which you can use (check license);
3) go to source image, make a copy (will explain in a bit why, just do it);
4) flip your original image horizontally to increase the resemblance with the Hollywood place. Now you see why you needed the copy? - the sings are also flipped, so go get'em signs from the unflipped image and drag to the working file;
5) adjust the letters in Hollywood sign - desaturate, adjust levels and read it a goodnight story
6) moment of silence to Hollywood sign before we proceed. R.I.P sign
7) cut the sign into pieces aka letters (make H into N using crop and rotate) and make the word Oldtown
8) clear the background etc, make it pretty
9) adjust positions of the letters according to the terrain as much as possible
10) make sure all your shadows are in (the right) place
(5 years and 2224 days ago)

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avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

Good idea! (What's making the shadow on the W?).

author says:

I thought I'd give it a three-dimensional feel and increase the natural terrain effect - by basically placing the W behind the O ) The shadow was there in the source image, but when I go rid of it... the whole thing looked less dynamic so I brought the shadow back.
This is also the reason for T being slightly out of "order".

avatar CMYK46
CMYK46 says:

I almost buy that. Good luck!

Howdie stranger!
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oldtown falls - created by RAZ0R

oldtown falls
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(5 years and 2850 days ago)

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avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Just clear my doubt... doesn't the inserted image have to look like a chalk painting?

avatar cabldawg71

heck I dont know but this is cool stuff.
dawg be liking it

avatar rakib888
rakib888 says:

this one seems real

avatar erathion
erathion says:

Very good work and perfect author

avatar trialboj
trialboj says:

I think that pole at the right side of the picture doesn't fit the image, without it, the main focus would be on the water.

author [banned] says:

thx trialboj, but it is my opinion that the main focus of this image should be the street scene

avatar bjaockx
bjaockx says:

best entry so far!! great job author!! about the sign on the right... while it does distract slightly from the image it is not a problem for the picture... however you could easily crop it out which would really direct focus to the waterfall! GOOD LUCK!

avatar hereisanoop

gorgeous ........ Gl

avatar Drivenslush

the shadow cast makes this perfect.. because the shadow doesn't follow the dip in the falls.. this creates the illusion that the image on the ground is actually flat (the realism is excellent...though I do have the same question about the chalk look.. but Mueller's work often looks very real great JOB!!!!

avatar pearlie
pearlie says:

very nice job, author, the shadow makes it very realistic. how'd ya do that?

no avatar

Like Drivenslush says, Mueller's art is often very realistic. I was more concerned with perspective than whether it was realistic or chalk like. I love the shaddow! It really makes the image!

avatar ricky777
ricky777 says:

nice entry

avatar gamemastertips

Very nice but a bit tricky...perspective does seem a little strange. I think this picture would make more sense if it was drawn on a hill. On flat land, it looks somewhat too real.

author [banned] says:

ok, no more pills for GMT!

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

Very Good........Best of Luck!!

avatar oana
oana says:


avatar Drivenslush

CONGRATS... ))))

avatar sophia
sophia says:

congrats =D

avatar cabldawg71


avatar nasirkhan
nasirkhan says:


avatar spaceranger


Howdie stranger!
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