A Work in Progress: Grand Migration

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Grand Migration
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Chop out the future jelly fish.
Then we'll add a glow to its head using Outer Glow in Blending Options.

Creation of Grand Migration: Step 1

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We're gonna want to go hang ourself if we were to draw all of them little nasty thingies by hand - so just take one of the jelly fishes that we've already got and define it a brush. Adjust Scattering and whatever else u feel like messing around with in the brush presets and knock yourself out making a whole lot of jelly fish.

Creation of Grand Migration: Step 2

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If u don't like the pen tool don't read this step.
Obviously u do since ure still reading.. so, grab the pen tool and draw urself a ship.. a wreckadge to be specific.. Grab the Smudge tool and make the " gostly cloths". Then duplicate the layer and blur it really badly - put that blurred behind the crisp. Then mess with the crisp layer: wind filter, some gaussian blur, whatever makes ur day

Creation of Grand Migration: Step 3

Final result

Creation of Grand Migration: Final Result

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