Defendeth Thy Self - created by PSA2009

Defendeth Thy Self
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A scene created of a Knight guardian himself against the giant Bird. Hope you like! (5 years and 677 days ago)

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Killer Clown - created by PSA2009

Killer Clown
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What better, in a kids happy place, than an evil killer clown? So i came up with this... Hope you like :-) (5 years and 777 days ago)

Dragon Sculpture - created by PSA2009

Dragon Sculpture
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Using The arms of the fisherman and the fish, i have sculptured a mystical Dragon (5 years and 782 days ago)

Rocky's Dragon - created by PSA2009

Rockys Dragon
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The Rare Creature only found in the Rocky's- Named Rocky's Dragon (5 years and 785 days ago)

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Majestic Griffin - created by PSA2009

Majestic Griffin
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Walking around the other evening i had come across this strange animal... just needing to take a pic, and i did... later looking into i had found that it was in fact a griffin... Thought i wouldve had more of a chance finding a unicorn! oh well... hope you like :-) (5 years and 1188 days ago)

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