Steampunk Survivor - created by Majkman

Steampunk Survivor
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the leaf pic is my own as was the sunset and can be found at end of SBS (5 years and 1480 days ago)

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It Has Been A Wonderful Ride - created by Majkman

It Has Been A Wonderful Ride
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A ride I thought would never end..... with ups and down and twists as our work be came better.

What you the Pxl community taught me was more than I could have ever imagined and the realization of the vastness of the PS horizon.
You beat out any arrogance I might have had .and helped me build a solid piece of art
To all of you are my friends are my mentors .. you are my inspiration ..driving me crazy ..driving me on ..and for that I thank you.
Pxleyes was a community, with a variety of wierd neighbours, who helped each other as we brought each piece forward .. In this huge internet world I do not think we will ever find its equal.
I want to thank all you wierd neighbours for you help and your friendship, good luck in your endeavours and your life,, you may be gone ..but not forgotten
just missed
Majkman (Aka David)

Yes I broke the rules it is a tribute not an entry (5 years and 1020 days ago)

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The Dawn of the 41st Day - created by Majkman

 The Dawn of the 41st Day
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My pictures of the wave ,,the elephant and the kangaroo can be found at end of SBS (5 years and 1472 days ago)

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Statues Don't Jump - created by Majkman

Statues Dont Jump
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Did not realize I had to reduce 70% to 600px W.
I used PS to do all this animation..... the idea for me was to learn about an area I never used ....I is not a program made for frame animation..the tweening is of little use ...Although the new time line in cs6 can be used for position and opacity type animations quite useful ..not to me used for this type of exercise . I just showed two quick pics in SBS. (5 years and 1305 days ago)

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The Final Assault - created by Majkman

The Final Assault
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Forced into an ever decreasing corner of land, their civilization will perish based on the outcome of this final battle..... (5 years and 1467 days ago)

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