Red Legged Hopper - created by IDt8r

Red Legged Hopper
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(5 years and 706 days ago)

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Golden Ringed Forest Falcon - created by IDt8r

Golden Ringed Forest Falcon
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(5 years and 1122 days ago)

Doxie - created by IDt8r

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Thanks to CGTextures, Mattox, Marcus Ranum and his lovely models, Carly Champagne and Amber G. (5 years and 667 days ago)

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Golden Headed Owl - created by IDt8r

Golden Headed Owl
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Thanks to Dave Rogers for the source photo. (5 years and 1434 days ago)

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Old School - created by IDt8r

Old School
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Thanks to faestock, masochisticcannibal, Rimisa and DaeStock (5 years and 641 days ago)

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