The Duel of Oranges - created by Hayato

The Duel of Oranges
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First idea that came to my twisted mind was an orange with magic circle around it. Then, I began to draw another things beside that initial ideas, so the final images grew outside my early imagination...

Fantasy Theme always brings imaginative things comes into play. So there will be no questioning about the results that far from my earlier idea nor fit to any ordinary rules.

Take a look at my drawing, folks. Although I put aside the Orcs, Unicorns, Pegasus, Hobbits... But I tend to bring the Elf, Golem, Dragon, Treant & Werewolf INCLUDING The Sparta & The Iron Man in this design, so it still looks like a fantasy with an oranges as a main object.


Note to viewer & Mods: See the details AFTER vote me. You'll find my signature hidden on the picture. So I WON'T AGAINST THE RULES OF ANONYMITY, okay? You've been warned.

Check SBS, nothing fancy there, just drawing, adjusting, detailing, fooling around with tools of Photoshop.

Done entirely with Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Intuos4 & Cintiq. Approximately done after 30 hours in 3 days, 10 hours per day.

Hope you'll like it & fave it.

For anyone that care to read; this fairies are divided into 4 elements of colors like Window 7: Red, Green, Blue & Yellow.

Red: The Dragon Rider, who rides the mighty Red Dragon & guard the sky.

Green: The Treant Protector, who befriend with the forest guardians & protect the land from evil entities.

Blue: The Ancestor Priest, who raises the Golems from the depth of the ocean to her side & became the sentinel.

Yellow: The Beast Master, who has a companion of selected were-beast & hunt the devils from the ancient times.


Thanks for viewing & reviewing my Orange Fantasy Painting with comments & constructive criticism.

◕ ‿‿ ◕

---C.S. Lewis, "It All Began with a Picture." (5 years and 2215 days ago)

The Sacred Golden Warrior - created by Hayato

The Sacred Golden Warrior
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The Goddess of the Goldenspear tribe, long since exiled from their ancestral lands in Pixelian Vale, joined the Guardian Forces for monetary purposes.

However, weeks turned into months, and fighting alongside the many holy warriors with fearless souls inspired her with the responsibility of protecting the sanctity of the Pixelian castle.

This reputation is well earned by their Golden Warrior representative Joan of Archangel, with her devastating abilities revolve around shortening her own lifespan to spear her foes to burning pieces.

Considered a blessed martyr by her people, the Sacred Golden Warrior is not afraid of death, and will even run towards it willingly, sometimes desperately, in order to bring the Undead Rebels to an end.


Done entirely with You Know What Software & Hardware to do this in just several hours or so.


Good luck to everyone! (5 years and 2207 days ago)

The Ancient Elephantine - created by Hayato

The Ancient Elephantine
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Although not all of the secrets of these Ancient elephant-like statue have been unlocked, Elephantine enhance one's abilities, bestow protection and regeneration, and can be worshiped to give greater protection and even swifter healing.

人◕ ‿‿ ◕人

Done with Photoshop CS5 with Wacom Cintiq in two days. Approximately 2-3 hours per day. (5 years and 2229 days ago)

One-eyed Golem - created by Hayato

One-eyed Golem
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Chats behind the screen:

P: "Hey, Author... it's a nice creation!"

X: "X-treme TRANSFORMER robot, Author!"

L: "It's not a robot, you idiot... it's TRON!"

Author: "Thanks, P. But the rest of you, X,L, it's not a Transformer either Tron. It's what I called Golem. Basically, the design inspired by you, guys. But with such a fantasy ideas inside my mind; I turned them into such a devastating tron-like cyclops..."

P: "Cool, bro! Let's find Sir Wazowski & challenge him! EYE FOR AN EYE!!"

X: "X-treme idea, P!"

L: "I don't think it's a goood idea, mate..."

Author: "NO. I dare not challenge him... he's LEGEND here at pxleyes... I wish someday, I could meet him in person, share inspirations, experiences and stuffs."

P,X,L (simultaneously): "Awww... sounds gay, dude..." (lol)

Author: "......."


Done entirely with Photoshop + Cintiq + rush in 6 or 7 hours approximately.

Hope you like it, vote it, fave it. Thanks for viewing & reviewing my work, everyone. I'm most honored if Sir Wazowski could smile from my creation.

LAST MINUTE ENTRY ALERT! (5 years and 2213 days ago)

The Black Sheep Lord - created by Hayato

The Black Sheep Lord
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Initial Idea was The Black Sheep Forest. But it was a weird kind of title should I say.

So, I wanted to put this Tough Guy to the forest as a 'thief lord' or 'boss of the gang' or something rather than just a black sheep with a cigarette.

Done with Cintiq, I'm NOT tracing the sheep. I leave them be as a photo-graphic element. I just painted the background & matched them together with Photoshop. (5 years and 2240 days ago)

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