Mya's Ark - created by Christy

Myas Ark
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I saw this source image and had to make something for my new Goddaughter Mya. And after working on this for a week, I found out my level wasn't high enough to enter in that contest, so here it is..... (5 years and 1976 days ago)

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Lincoln in Droste - created by Christy

Lincoln in Droste
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Pic of Lincoln was taken by me (5 years and 1056 days ago)

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Fairy Mosaic - created by Christy

Fairy Mosaic
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(5 years and 1050 days ago)

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A Wagon In Time - created by Christy

A Wagon In Time
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Please view in high res :) (5 years and 1033 days ago)

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Tivoli Rock City - created by Christy

Tivoli Rock City
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(5 years and 1043 days ago)

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