Broken Tower - created by AndreasL

Broken Tower
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Broken tower in forest. (5 years and 1171 days ago)

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Highway Warp - created by AndreasL

Highway Warp
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In this composite i used some images and some filters to achieve this soil and dust that appears under the highway. I used some fibers, clouds, noise etc. to get that kinda cement effect.The sun burst effect was created by an angle gradient. Then i added the car, and some ligtning and shadows. (5 years and 1727 days ago)

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Radioactive-nezz!! - created by AndreasL

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I made this by playing with filters, as always. Can you find the radioactive sign? (5 years and 1562 days ago)

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Train Sucker - Monster Feets - created by AndreasL

Train Sucker - Monster Feets
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I added the feets and maded some lightning effects with clouds, and some burning effects. (5 years and 1621 days ago)

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'PLEASE JUMP' - created by AndreasL

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Don't jump... (5 years and 1604 days ago)

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