Remembering... - created by libertysgems

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Used the face closeup as a layer, changed the mode to darken, took down the opacity just a bit. Both are my photos. (5 years and 1704 days ago)

A Watchful Eye - created by libertysgems

A Watchful Eye
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Shot with a Canon Rebel XT, kit lens removed and reversed. I cropped this shot, although I debated about that; see the original in the sbs. (5 years and 1685 days ago)

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busy ants - created by libertysgems

busy ants
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Remove your kit lens, reverse it, hold the lens end to the camera and VOILA! you have a macro lens (kinda). Not for the squeamish, I felt like I had ants crawling all over me before I got done...Canon Rebel (5 years and 1683 days ago)

Orange Slice - created by libertysgems

Orange Slice
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(5 years and 1710 days ago)

Glass pieces - created by libertysgems

Glass pieces
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(5 years and 1705 days ago)

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