Gerald's Game by Stephen King - created by JannaR

Geralds Game by Stephen King
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During a solar eclipse, a romantic afternoon rendezvous, between husband and wife, goes horribly....horribly wrong. (5 years and 1266 days ago)

Whimsical Nightlight - created by JannaR

Whimsical Nightlight
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Cute little thing, but next to impossible to keep dusted! Uses a standard nightlight bulb. (5 years and 1283 days ago)

Edible Art - created by JannaR

Edible Art
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Guess what we're having for dessert..... (5 years and 1289 days ago)

Veggie Delight - created by JannaR

Veggie Delight
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(5 years and 1287 days ago)

Charlotte's Web by E.B. White - created by JannaR

Charlottes Web by E.B. White
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Life on a farm is fun, but it is also a place for hard work and life lessons. Charlottes Web is a story of love and friendship, life and death, and the passing of time.

(Spring leaf buds, Autumn leaves and a watch represent the passing of time. The bookmark represents your place in time. And the saying on the bookmark, and the silver charm mean exactly what they say.) (5 years and 1266 days ago)

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