L is for Light - created by DrewBlood

L is for Light
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A little ambient and some flash..

A speedlight held in a 42" reflected umbrella with a dodgy umbrella bracket.

Constantly worried about seeing the speedlight fall.....

fortunately, No flashes were harmed during this photoshoot (5 years and 2238 days ago)

The Game - created by DrewBlood

The Game
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(5 years and 1993 days ago)

Tools of the Trade - created by DrewBlood

Tools of the Trade
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No vignetting was adding in this set. Raw files can be supplied on request. Please do not critique unless you understand the difference between cropped and full frame sensors and the effect DC lenses can have upon full frame.. (5 years and 2073 days ago)

DrewBlood - created by DrewBlood

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(5 years and 1960 days ago)

Clean me - created by DrewBlood

Clean me
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(5 years and 2221 days ago)

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