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Take 3 portrait shots of the same person showing either a different emotion or under a different angle or in different situation.
All shots must have been made at the same shoot or occasion.
They have to be 3 loose shots pasted next to each other either horizontally or vertically. As an exception: a small plain colored border is allowed between the photos. Self portraits are not allowed.

Status: finished. Check out the winners below!

Artifakts: Is the portrait of only one person or more than one is allowed ? ... The rules say : "... of the same persone..." ... Singular, not plural. I think some entries don't fit the theme here. ( 5 years and 2133 days ago )
UncleJimmy: Portrait shoots can contain singles or others IMHO, I think as long as it fits under the category of a portrait and isn't a 'snap' it should be ok... ( 5 years and 2133 days ago )
kyricom: "Take 3 portrait shots of the same person"... seems fairly clear *shrug* ( 5 years and 2132 days ago )
UncleJimmy: Sorry kyricom...I stand corrected, you are of course right. ( 5 years and 2131 days ago )

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Tools of the Trade - created by DrewBlood

Tools of the Trade
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No vignetting was adding in this set. Raw files can be supplied on request. Please do not critique unless you understand the difference between cropped and full frame sensors and the effect DC lenses can have upon full frame.. (5 years and 2131 days ago)

Step by Step - created by DrewBlood

Step by Step
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Re-entry after being removed for Vignetting. All Vignetting has now been removed. All That remains is natural light fall off + the point that I have a dc sigma lens on a full frame camera causing the unavoidable vignette . The Raw files can be submitted to mods if proof is needed!!
DC - Lenses for DSLRs featuring APS-C size sensors only

(5 years and 2131 days ago)

It is a busker - created by riady

It is a busker
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3 shots of piano performers (5 years and 2131 days ago)

no way.. - created by WYSIWYG

no way..
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Tried to get a decent portrait of my son. But he doesn't like being you can see!! (5 years and 2134 days ago)

dangerous - created by sande1001

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(5 years and 2134 days ago)