Mud Dobber - created by DigitalDreamer

Mud Dobber
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I hate flying critters except for butterflies and dragon flies lol. These guys leave those annoying little dirt camps on your outside wall. (5 years and 1088 days ago)

Heart of Flame - created by DigitalDreamer

Heart of Flame
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Valentines day just around the corner. Sparks flying, things gettin hot in here.

I used an iphone 4s, with an olloclip attachment/wide angle side.

used filter mania 2

*Light Frame (5 years and 1366 days ago)

Frozen Red - created by DigitalDreamer

Frozen Red
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From our ice storm we had a couple weeks ago (5 years and 1038 days ago)

Gone Green - created by DigitalDreamer

Gone Green
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Almost a frozen raindrop on thick piece of green plant

(5 years and 1360 days ago)

Just Dandy - created by DigitalDreamer

Just Dandy
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Beauty behind the scenes of your everyday average weed. I just love macro photography. (5 years and 1379 days ago)

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