The Look Reloaded - created by Athanaric

The Look Reloaded
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I rotated it 90 degs CW and it does look better! Thanx! (5 years and 928 days ago)

Sunset over the city - created by Athanaric

Sunset over the city
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(5 years and 903 days ago)

Athanaric - created by Athanaric

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I am really into late-antique/mediaeval history so I easily chose the name of Athanaric. This was a visigothic king from the 4th century in the Lower Danube valley. One of the lands of his fellow people was Caucaland, today, most probably, in the Buzaului Mountains in Romania. Here I come with a landscape photo made in the former Caucaland. (5 years and 892 days ago)

Street life - created by Athanaric

Street life
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(5 years and 892 days ago)

Weavecross - created by Athanaric

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