boxing - created by dante

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modeled in Maya rendered with mental ray, textures created in PS (5 years and 684 days ago)

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more pencil and paper - created by dante

more pencil and paper
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thanks to friiskiwi who created pencil and paper (5 years and 1356 days ago)

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Something Else - created by dante

Something Else
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Inspired by The Start Of Something.

Only any good in Hi Res (5 years and 1355 days ago)

daisy chain - created by dante

daisy chain
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now that is old school wasting time...... (5 years and 1137 days ago)

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BA 64 Russian WW tank - created by dante

BA 64 Russian WW tank
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I wanted to go to town on this, but due to work have to give it to you as is.

Hope you like.
(5 years and 1368 days ago)

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