chess? - created by closedeyes

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huge 3 player chess...
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mirror effect - created by closedeyes

mirror effect
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tried the lighting seen thru mirror.... (5 years and 2605 days ago)

futuristic car - created by closedeyes

futuristic car
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here is the car which i dream to drive some day, in the air, under water and on roads when - as it incorporates features required for all 3 modes...

thanks to Scott Liddell (hot black) for the ground image....

and thanks to Eugenio Rada(earn31) for sky..

thanks to the mods for reminding me of it...:) (5 years and 2648 days ago)

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Choco castle - created by closedeyes

Choco castle
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Welcome to choco castle in the choco land....:)
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Cool guy wants to die?? - created by closedeyes

Cool guy wants to die??
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