Bentley 4,5 Litre Blower - created by billyboy

Bentley 4,5 Litre Blower
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3DS Max. Render with Mental Ray.

Thanks to Dr, Dan Saranga and The (5 years and 2245 days ago)

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Marine Battle - created by billyboy

Marine Battle
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3 DS Max. V-Ray render.
Sails maps made with Photoshop.
No post editing with 2 D program.
Planks map from CG Textures, thanks. (5 years and 2234 days ago)

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Just a couple of tools - created by billyboy

Just a couple of tools
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3DS Max & V Ray

Edit. According to excellent suggestion and persuasive request of Lodd I've made a short animation you can see here

Sparkles look more like water drops LOL (5 years and 2333 days ago)

Short introduction to 3D work - created by billyboy

Short introduction to 3D work
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3D contests are relatively new on PXL site and many people are asking what are we doing here. For very short we create and modify geometric objects.
Our principals tools are MOVE, ROTATE and SCALE.
As you can better see in HR 3D work is very friendly.

3DS Max, render with Mental Ray. (5 years and 2223 days ago)

Roots - created by billyboy

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3 DS max
mental ray render (5 years and 2190 days ago)

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