nighttime lakes - created by spygirl1978

nighttime lakes
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lakes and a mountain setting.... (5 years and 2178 days ago)

Snowy Mountain - created by Akassa

Snowy Mountain
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Made in Vue7. Adjustments made with ps cs4. (5 years and 2181 days ago)

Mountain Lake - created by dka120

Mountain Lake
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All made in one object. One 16644 poly subdivided/modified flat square for the landscape and a 1 poly flat square for water. The rest is just a whole lot of texture layers. The foreground grass is a displacement plugin that makes fur, modified to look more like grass.

No Photoshop post processing. No sources.

*Re-rendered with different lights/shadows settings. Thanks Akassa, you were right! (5 years and 2182 days ago)