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Acrylic Paint Brushes Reviewed - Traditional-drawing Tutorial

Painting with acrylics can be great fun. However, the acrylic paint brushes you use are essential to the quality of your finished painting.

Painting is to be enjoyed, not endured. There'll be plenty of times when a painting will fight you all the way. At times like this you need quality tools that will help you along the way to produce a picture from which you can derive immense satisfaction.

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How to Blend Your Pencil Creation - Traditional-drawing Video Tutorial

In this daily message we show you how to blend the latest cast drawing with a paint brush.

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PencilBrush - The Arm - Traditional-drawing Video Tutorial

Pencilbrush is a merger between the characteristics of a led pencil and a paint brush. The tool merges the sharpness and drawing capabilities of a pencil and the smooth shading and quick surface covering abilities of the paint brush. Utilizing up to 10 leads varying in thickness from 0.5 - 0.9.
Giving you new and extraordinary effects which is hard to achieve with a normal pencil in half the time.

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How To Paint Watercolor Trees (Summer Trees) - Traditional-drawing Video Tutorial

Knowing how to paint watercolor trees in full foliage is a real problem for many newcomers to watercolor painting. Often, they say their tree looks like a 'big green lollipop with a brown stick for the trunk'...

Well worry no more. In this two-part video feature, we'll show you just how easy it is to learn how to paint trees, using just two colors and three brushes.

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