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What are Acrylics - Traditional-drawing Tutorial

To cover all the techniques available to an acrylic painter in a short article would be next to impossible, but we can cover how to get yourself started, what tools you need, and talk a bit about various methods, styles, and techniques. Of course, the best teacher for any kind of art and any medium of art is practice.

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Acrylic Paint Brushes Reviewed - Traditional-drawing Tutorial

Painting with acrylics can be great fun. However, the acrylic paint brushes you use are essential to the quality of your finished painting.

Painting is to be enjoyed, not endured. There'll be plenty of times when a painting will fight you all the way. At times like this you need quality tools that will help you along the way to produce a picture from which you can derive immense satisfaction.

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Crows Chinese Painting - Traditional-drawing Video Tutorial

This is a tutorial of painting birds, with acrylics, on Mullberry paper.

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Getting Started with Acrylic Paints - Traditional-drawing Video Tutorial

Perhaps second only to watercolors, more and more people want to find out how to paint with acrylics, as an introduction to painting.

It has many advantages - no smell, it dries fast and it's easily cleaned up with water. Acrylics is also a forgiving painting medium, so it has many attractions for the newcomer.

In these acrylic painting tutorials we'll look at what you need to get started and how to quickly produce some simple but effective paintings on a wide variety of surfaces - and not just with paint brushes either!

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