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Using Selective Color - Photoshop Video Tutorial

A tutorial on how to add selective color to a black and white image using adjustment layers in Photoshop CS3.

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The Adjustment Layers - Photoshop Video Tutorial

An adjustment layer is an independent layer of color adjustment that you can edit any time you like. Plus, it affects all layers below it, consumes very little space in memory, and affords the opportunity for selective edits.

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Simple Selective Colour with Camera RAW - Photoshop Video Tutorial

He's a quick, simple and powerful way to create a mono image whilst retaining just one single colour.

The technique in this video tutorial by PhotoGavin is known as selective color or colour pop and doesn't require any selections.

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Selectively Colorize an Image - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial. Selectivel Colorize an Image Part 1.
Learn one very simple way, using the mask of the Black & White Gradient Map Adjustment layer to conceal or reveal parts of the image in color and other parts as a black and white version .

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