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Simple Selective Colour with Camera RAW - Photoshop Video Tutorial

He's a quick, simple and powerful way to create a mono image whilst retaining just one single colour.

The technique in this video tutorial by PhotoGavin is known as selective color or colour pop and doesn't require any selections.

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How to Change Hair Colour - Photoshop Video Tutorial

A Photoshop CS3 tutorial on changing peoples hair colour. I assume it would work in previous versions as long as the same tools or similar tools are available.

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Create a Vivid Underwater Light Bubbles Effect - Photoshop Video Tutorial

In this screencast we'll show you how to blend colours together by manipulating the Hue/Saturation, creating a new brush by changing different brush dynamics and putting some simple layer styles into use. Watch on to find out how to create this vivid underwater effect.

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Colour Modes and Bit Depth - Photoshop Video Tutorial

Are you new to Photoshop? Have you been trying to teach yourself the basics of Photoshop but have found the amount of amount of educational material available on the net a bit overwhelming?

Here's a little video tutorial that will help you clear some things out regarding color modes in Photoshop.

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