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Creating Photographic Edge Effects - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

PSP 4.1x has some pretty cool features that enable you to create effects that might not be immediately obvious. For example, you've probably seen some of the edges that artists add to their photographs and wonder how they do that. There are a number of methods, of course. One method that weI often use is the excellent plug-in filters from Auto F/X. These enable me to put samples together quickly for a client without blowing their whole budget. Even without the filters you can create some nice-looking edges. The following technique demonstrates how to do this in PSP without filters.

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Edge Detecting UDFs - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

User Defined Filters (UDFs).
In our first UDF tutorial we looked at the basic rules of thumb for making UDFs, and we made a couple blur filters. In the second UDF tutorial, we made some sharpen filters. In this tutorial, we'll make a couple edge detecting filters.

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The Freehand Selection Tool - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

Purpose and Goal of this Tutorial:

In this tutorial we will be reviewing the Freehand Selection tool, the Selections menu and we will be working with a photograph to explore how to use the Freehand Selection tool and its options.

* The Selections Menu
* The Freehand Selection tool and its Options: Edge Seeker, Freehand, Point to Point, Smart Edge
* Examples using a Photograph:
o The Freehand Selection tool and Feathering
o The Point to Point option and Smoothing
o The Edge Seeker and Smart Edge options

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Using the Magic of Masks (ver 4.12) - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

Masks are one of the most powerful tools a digital artist using PSP has at their disposal. New with version 4, and above, comes the ability to save your masks. This can greatly simplify the process of creating certain types of graphics such as buttons for your web pages. A mask enables you to create beveled edges on textured surfaces giving the illusion of 3-dimensionality. Masks can help you achieve other effects, as well, such as disappearing text and much more.

Along with some of the advancements made in masking with ver 4, and above, came just enough change to confuse users of earlier versions. The following tutorial will help users of previous versions as well as introduce new users to the "Magic of Masks".

As well as demonstrating how masks work this tutorial will give you a quick idea of how to use the built in textures to create your own, well... textures.

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The Sculpture Effect - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

The Sculpture Effect is a great new addition to the Paint Shop Pro arsenal of creative tools. This tool basically applies a "sculpture" to the image by accentuating the edges and areas of contrast in your graphic giving them an embossed or 3-d effect. Take a look at this tutorial and learn all about it!

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