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Creating Photographic Edge Effects - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

PSP 4.1x has some pretty cool features that enable you to create effects that might not be immediately obvious. For example, you've probably seen some of the edges that artists add to their photographs and wonder how they do that. There are a number of methods, of course. One method that weI often use is the excellent plug-in filters from Auto F/X. These enable me to put samples together quickly for a client without blowing their whole budget. Even without the filters you can create some nice-looking edges. The following technique demonstrates how to do this in PSP without filters.

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UDF Basics - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

Did you ever wish you had a set of specialized blur, sharpen, or edge detect filters? Have you ever wanted an emboss filter that retains the colors of your original image? Maybe you yearned for a filter that would give you something kinda funky. If so, you should probably take a look at User Defined Filters.

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Edge Detecting UDFs - Paintshop-pro Tutorial

User Defined Filters (UDFs).
In our first UDF tutorial we looked at the basic rules of thumb for making UDFs, and we made a couple blur filters. In the second UDF tutorial, we made some sharpen filters. In this tutorial, we'll make a couple edge detecting filters.

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Using the High-Pass Sharpen Filter - Paintshop-pro Video Tutorial

Turn fuzzy photos into crisp images, without compressing or degrading the quality of the image.

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