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Grundge Intro in Blender - Blender Tutorial

This is a double-tutorial! A grundge title animation and a sleek god ray logo reveal. Learn how to create two different intros in just one tutorial! And find out how to keep your noodles clean using node groups.

submitted: 5 years and 147 days ago

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An Advanced Introduction to Blender Cycles - Blender Tutorial

Lighting, materials, textures and various cheats are the subject of this in-depth Blender Cycles intro from

submitted: 5 years and 91 days ago


Textures, Lighting, Hidden Objects and Animating - Blender Video Tutorial

Texture Lighting, Hidden object with texture over, Animating light. All discussed in this Blender video tutorial.

submitted: 5 years and 824 days ago

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Using Indirect Lighting - Blender Video Tutorial

Blender 2.5 alpha was released a short while ago, and this first testing release of the 2.5 series comes packed with lots of improvements and changes. Obviously, since this is an alpha release, there are some missing or incomplete features, but development has continued alongside the Durian project, and already a lot of new features have been added. One of these new features is Indirect Diffuse Lighting for Aproximate Ambient Occlusion.

submitted: 5 years and 614 days ago

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Lighting and Rendering - Blender Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, we are making a render of a living room. We will be laying with lights and showing what you can do with it.

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