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1 - Painting Natalie - Photoshop Tutorial

The girl presented here is a 16-year-old main female character named Natalie, who despite being involved in extraordinary events

submitted: 5 years and 1406 days ago

2 - Making of Pink Converse - Maya Tutorial

Decided to make a pair of tennis shoes because artist in the process of making a little girls model, and this model needed a shoe.

submitted: 5 years and 1408 days ago

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3 - Catch the Murder Girl - Photoshop Tutorial

After some loose sketching on paper a general composition came together. Artist wanted to do something really funny & simple.

submitted: 5 years and 1410 days ago

4 - Making of Interior Kitchen Visualization - Maya Tutorial

Follow this tutorial to learn how to create a cool design for your kitchen in 3D! Software Used: Autodesk Maya, Vray (as render engine) and Adobe Photoshop. The main work was done using Maya only, some color adjustments, exposure, and color effects were done in Photoshop.

submitted: 5 years and 1515 days ago

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5 - Making of Kids Love Dentists - Photoshop Tutorial

Today we are going to talk to you about how we painted “Kids love Dentists”. The tutorial shows mistakes and changes which made during the working process. Step by step we'll show you how we worked on it. It won't be a quick recipe. We want this tutorial to help you in creating your artworks. We think making an artwork should be more than just a work. It should be a pleasure. Don't be afraid of changing your image when you find something is wrong or simply something can be better.

submitted: 5 years and 1537 days ago

6 - The Making of Forever - Photoshop Tutorial

In this walkthrough, we would like to share with you the process for creating an original character portrait, “Forever”. We'll be using Photoshop CS4, but the methods used here can be adapted to other painting programs as well. We hope that you may find it useful!

submitted: 5 years and 1542 days ago

7 - Making of Having A Meal: A Conversation with God - ZBrush Tutorial

In this tutorial we would like to show you how we created the "Having A Meal: A Conversation with God" illustration. From visual side the goal was to refer to symbolic figures from Eastern Orthodox icons and combine it with Arabic like ornaments, which we find amazing. It's an advanced project overview, the steps are not very detailed, they just offer some guidance, so advanced skills of ZBrush and Maya are required.

submitted: 5 years and 1542 days ago

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8 - Making of Ash and Sam - Photoshop Tutorial

Making of Ash and Sam - Photoshop advanced tutorial (project overview).

submitted: 5 years and 1543 days ago

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9 - Understanding Stereoscopy - 3DS-Max Tutorial

Stereoscopy is one of the great techniques that uses in 3D sofwares to show depth. This Tutorial includes: 1- Introduction to Stereoscopy 2- Anaglyph rules and Setup the cameras 3- Preparing final image 4- Using Adobe Photoshop to create final effect

submitted: 5 years and 1549 days ago

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10 - Painting a Monkey - Photoshop Tutorial

Hello Everyone! In this tutorial, we will guide you through the whole process, from the initial sketch design to the final presentable painting all using Adobe Photoshop CS5 (this process can be applied to all the versions of Photoshop). The techniques we will use to create this illustration will be fairly simple and we hope it will definitely help you to understand the throughout process. We would like to thank Joel Sartore for the beautiful photography of the subject.

submitted: 5 years and 1558 days ago

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