Create a Professional Music Album Template - Photoshop tutorial

Hi everyone. Today I'm going to show a tutorial about how to make a template for an album for a music CD. This is not your usual 'how to manipulate or draw' type of tutorial. Rather the main focus is on text and layouts. Although a little retouching is needed. After reading this tutorial it might help you get ideas to make a personal album for yourself. Also if you want to follow through this tutorial as exactly as it is, be sure to download the source and the fonts. Also be sure to ask permission if you are going to use the headphone girl stock. Links: Headphone girl source Girl with guitar source Mockingbird guitar source Compact Disc source Armor Piercing Font Borneo Font Stoney Billy Font
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Colorize Lineart With Cell Style Technique - Photoshop tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to color a line art using minimum color and just brightness and contrast to achieve a clean, yet effective look... This tutorial is meant for beginners who just started photoshopping... However, some knowledge of the pen tool is recommended... For those who never used the pen tool, I included a mini tutorial explaining the very basics. This technique will work on photoshop from version 7 onwards... Let's get started!
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