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PXL says:

great choice of a song
nice capture too

(5 years and 2426 days ago)

Gonna Make You Sweat
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PXL says:

great job here, very inspiring

(5 years and 2431 days ago)

Wet Paint
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PXL says:


"We also know there's an appropriate time and place for everything. Not sure the relatives of the over 7,000 dead would see the humor"

even in 20 years those relatives won;t be laughing bout any joke this kind... so there is no appropriate time.
We all get the moral and the respect point of view
but can we please just judge the photoshopping skills in stead of getting our morals out front?

There are world wide forums where people can share their feelings,
this site is to see the skills and give them a grade.
Let;s just do so and stick to what we are all here for...

(5 years and 2448 days ago)

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