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Jelly Awaiting its Turn WEEEEE - created by Drivenslush

Jelly Awaiting its Turn WEEEEE
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my photos and source (5 years and 2559 days ago)

avatar erathion
erathion says:

super cool...climbing guy fits perfectly with the rest of the

avatar greymval
greymval says:

Author please explain your second personal photo, that's one of the coolest things I've seen this year. What is it ?

author says:

@greymval, My second Photo is a picture of the sky outside a hospital window, if you are talking about the 3rd picture, It's a blown glass jelly fish paper weight (it comes in about 3 different sizes, and all the colors of the rainbow, this one is about the size of a softball and weighs about as much red brick. This one happens to glow in the dark. The smaller one is about the size of a baseball and the large one about the size of large grapefruit.

We used to get them the size of a bowling ball and they would have multiple jellyfish inside them but they became way to expensive and the company stopped producing them. (Mainly the shipping charges got very out of hand.)

The original ones were art pieces and sold for thousands of dollars, but when the Murano Glass blowers started to teach the Chinese glass manipulation, the prices plummeted and that was the end of that. You can still find the big ones at some museums, but because of the lowballing by the Chinese, many of the artist have turned to other designs.

This link above shows the really awesome ones, our gallery carried similar for a short period but the market couldn't handle the cost. Mainly because the economy is in the toilet

Satava are one of the best ones out there though, sigh, I miss selling them, they were so cool and never two alike

One draw back though.. you had to be very careful to check them before you put them out, you had to reject any brown/yellow tone ones because they literally looked like floating cat poop (we had to send several of them back LOL)

avatar greymval
greymval says:

Wow, really impressive story, if you have more pics with the jelly, maybe you could suggest it as source. I don't know, it just looks amazing . If the company ever manages to produce again and make it popular, they could be the new Faberge eggs.

author says:

Oh there are TONS of glass jellyfish makers out there (just google Glass Jelllyfish and you'll see tons of companies that carry them, all different levels and costs, they are super cool

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