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Dude! Someone's In Your Jello! - created by downoffthedragon

Dude! Someones In Your Jello!
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Since someone already did the bugs in the jello (jelly if you prefer) which was the first thing that came to mind for me, I decided I had to think of something even more disgusting to put in a jello mold.

Naturally the idea of a dead zombie head came to mind! I mean, what could be worse, right?

So I searched deviantart resources for a cool zombie head, but all I could find were drug store holloween isle pictures (some with boobies showing, and I think that this website is too family friendly for that).

But I did find this one that's not really supposed to be a zombie (check out the source) but is still pretty cool.

Also check out the letter. It's really appropriate. From the little that I could read, it's talking about loneliness. She seems kinda lonely, doesn't she? (5 years and 2117 days ago)

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avatar Tuckinator

well, this is dfferent!

avatar Nelee
Nelee says:

slightly confused as to the point in having the bits on the outside, but i like the idea behind this! very interesting indeed!

author says:

There really isn't any point to any of it, is there? The bits on the outside were just to add some artistic flare to it. I didn't want to just put a head in the jello. As I was putting it together I realized that I didn't just want a zombie head in the jello, since I got such a nice head. So I added a dragonfly (one of my favorite insects) and a demi-moon.

Howdie stranger!
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