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Serve cool - created by minnie

Serve cool
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Thanks a lot to Senshistock for her image!!

EDIT: Vapor brush from (5 years and 2097 days ago)

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avatar Drivenslush

Badwiser!!!! LOLOL good luck fun poster!!!

author says:

Thanks Drivenslush!!

(5 years and 2097 days ago)

avatar DanLundberg

Fun concept, but I think a hotter (brighter) landscape would be more appropriate for a refreshing beverage and would bettter play on the competing notions of a hot environment and a hot chick (unless your message is that hot chicks should get drunk so they lower their standards). Making the glass the biggest element would make it—and the beer inside—clearly the focus. I also don't feel like the label matches the contour of the glass.

author says:

Thanks so much for your tips Dan! I tried changing the sat. of the background and the brightness but it didn't convice me so I added the vapor columns instead.
I've also made the beer bigger. I'm not satisfied with the label either, but I've added a black to white gradient (soft light) and some noise. And I think it's better.
Thanks again!

(5 years and 2096 days ago)

avatar Sofie73
Sofie73 says:

Above all it is original!!

author says:

Thanks Sofie!

(5 years and 2096 days ago)

Howdie stranger!
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