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Selfish - created by tnaylor21286

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(5 years and 1160 days ago)

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Very cool! Love the titile. Very good clarity and effect done well. Love the angle.

avatar DanielaOwergoor

Amazing job!!!

avatar micoprego
micoprego says:

great job, it reminds me of another contest about matryoshka dolls (Nesting)

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

Extreme selfishness!

Howdie stranger!
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Suicide Is Selfish - created by maplestrat33

Suicide Is Selfish
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Not a complicated shoop, but it stands for a good cause.

Enjoy. (5 years and 1824 days ago)

avatar westfall
westfall says:

i quit smoking myself.. but i still believe it's a persons right to choose..

avatar jawshoewhah
jawshoewhah [banned] says:

How about let the world make their own damn choice.

avatar 6tann
6tann says:

well played.... good work....

author says:

how about i don't wanna breathe in your crappy smoke. and why would you choose to smoke. theres not a one good reason to start and absolutely no reason to defend it except for the massive loss in jobs if it disappeared. its nothing personal jawshoewhah and westfall, i just think its nasty myself.

i just really don't understand how smoking can be justified and defended in any way. its one of the few products that the only use is destroying your lungs. just sayin.

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

And smoking harms people that don't smoke but live or work together with a smoker! I embrace your idea, author!

avatar Drivenslush

hehehe.. smoking used to be a very ritual orientated event.. only done at times of high worship and the making of peace... (ie Peace Pipe Ritual) ... it was the commercialization of tobacco that took away the spiritual significance.. (leave it to the pastie face white man to ruin a good thing (ack.. I'm one of those Pastie Faces).. smoking actually does have medicinal value... but not the way its been bastardized with chemicals and modernization

The smoke may be toxic... and it is rude to smoke in the presence of others who don't like it.. but in the same right.. taking medicine that passes though the body and poisons the ground water is just as bad (but we never talk about that do we children)

I'm a smoker.. but it's an addiction.. but by smoking it keeps me from.. ahem.. smoking something else.. it also helps me.. err umm.. go to the bathroom (which is much better then taking tons of laxatives LOL) I used to smoke three packs a day... I've gotten down to about 3 to 9 cigarettes a day (packs last me about 3 days now)

and after that diatribe (yes, I do love to yap) please pray for us smokers.. we know it's a disgusting filthy habit.. but oh the smokey goodness.. hehehe

Lovely SHOOP author..hehehe.. I like the peppermint smoke

avatar wazowski
wazowski says:

To go back to the entry , it was a bit hard for me to see what you wrote (the SBS made things clear). Is it an idea to manipulate the smoke a bit so that the letters fit better on the smoke/ so that you can highlight the letters better? Just an idea . Good luck!

author says:

@wazowski - i was going to, but i figured if i made it hard to see it would be a little more subliminal instead of obvious. i like hidden things

avatar dollmommy
dollmommy says:

GL to you

Howdie stranger!
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