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Climbers Heaven - created by ltiday

Climbers Heaven
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A photo composite inspired by the rocks of nova scotia. The Climber in the background is a photo I took of my brother climbing. The mountains were built from one stock photo of a rock duplicated and scaled to create the necessary shapes. (3 years and 279 days ago)

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Zizounai says:

Hi! you should read this:
You must post the link of every photo you use.
If you have used personal photos you must upload all of them in the SBS part.
You are not allowed to give your name or mark a name on your chops, as the contests must remain anonymous until the votes are finished.

Your chop is good so you should comply to the rules before a mod takes it off

author says:

thanks, I updated the links and removed the name

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Zizounai says:

This is better but the Instagram links show names. You must post your photos in the SBS section of the final upload (profile - my entries - SBS) and the Pexels or Unsplash links in "Profile - My entries - Sources" Just have a look at what the others do (well, when it is well done )
And by the way: Welcome!

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Howdie stranger!
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