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The sleep of Reason produces monsters - created by Galena

The sleep of Reason produces monsters
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Francisco de Goya, "El sueño de la razón produce monstruos". (Etching, c. 1798)

When reason goes to sleep, the monsters come out.

Irrational nightmares, or fantastic creatures? Deranged bats and owls attack the artist, as the guardian cats rouse, but one owl is offering a brush... or is he stealing?


Owl perching THANKS moodymand at deviantART
Owl attack Thanks hyperactive-activate at deviantART
Owl hunting Thanks to evelivesey at deviantART
Owl wings out Thanks to nefarostock at deviantART
Owl back Thanks to nefarostock at deviantART

Demon bat -- Picture by M0tty
Fuzzy bat Thanks to shortcakesnail-stock at deviantART
Dark bat thanks e_monk
Pale bat thanks jayjd2 at deviantART
Bat cloud thanks sheeshoo
(5 years and 1152 days ago)

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Keiley22 says:

good re creation author pretty close there

author says:

Thank you! I hope it is close to what he saw.

avatar lincemiope

very goid, bravo

author says:

Thank you lincemiope

avatar rusvelt2000

Nice recreation of the original picture author. Well done and good luck

author says:

Thank you. I only wish I'd given myself one more day to make the creatures a little stranger

(5 years and 1151 days ago)

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Keiley22 says:

sorry you didn't place higher, you definately deserved to be atleast 3rd place Sometimes hard work doesn't pay off around here

author says:

Well thank you for encouragement on the bats and owls pic... barely hoped for fourth but given that it's pretty easy to misunderstand the theme as "copy a painting" I figured some voters might score it lower. At least the contest made me finally get around to doing this image. Appreciate it Angela

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