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Bowl Of Oniono's - created by Chuck

Bowl Of Onionos
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Spec Thanks to Cookieater2009 for use of his picture found on Flickr photo and cookieater2009 photostream (5 years and 1806 days ago)

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avatar gamemastertips

I can see you did alot of work on this but...isn't this a bit minimal use of source? I honestly could not see the onion bunch until I looked in the SBS. Also, the cutlery are distorted far too much to look realistic. If you want to save this, I'd suggest remaking it from an arial perspective, looking down into the bowl from above. This way, you won't have to distort the cutlery and the onion bits in the bowl will be much more visable.

avatar erikuri
erikuri says:

I agree with Gamemaster.

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