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The Hour of Armageddon... - created by nbaztec

The Hour of Armageddon...
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...are you ready? (5 years and 1920 days ago)

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avatar Akassa
Akassa says:

Why do they fireballs have a border? Makes them look a little fake to me. Great idea overall, good luck.

avatar lchappell
lchappell says:

Good idea looks pretty good, I do sort of agree with Akassa about the edges on the fireballs though.

avatar DanLundberg

The identical heads on all the fireballs also seem unrealistic, especially given the variety of tails they create.

author says:

Thank you for your generous constructive comments. Think it's too late for that :S, (should've used smart objects), I'll try to amend it for sure if possible. Had created the fireball first,so... else [denial]I'd just consider it to be an alien attack w/ identical alien ammo :P [/denial]

Either way, it's a new thing to keep in mind/learnt for future ventures. Thanks.

avatar RIPSAW
RIPSAW says:

Howdie stranger!
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